Breastfeeding Problems: What Can Cause Sore Nipples?

Many new mothers think that breastfeeding is one thing that ought to come naturally to both them as well as the baby. However, it can happen  that a mother experiences problems that can make breastfeeding either uncomfortable or difficult. Using the right support, these problems could be overcome quickly, as well as the process should become a pleasurable bonding experience.

And if you ever start to worry that your little one is not getting enough milk during your difficulties, be sure to get a baby scale such as the well liked Salter baby scale. It will allow you to easily measure the milk intake and take care of your concerns.

Now, let’s talk about this common problem.

How Common Are Sore Nipples While Breastfeeding?

Probably the most prevalent breastfeeding problems is sore nipples. Actually, nearly every new mother experiences a bit of soreness during the initial few days. Following this time, approximately twenty percent of mothers continues to go through some soreness.

Nipple soreness following the first several weeks is usually a indication of an actual problem. Sometimes it may be an indicator that the nursing bra is just too tight, which may be easily resolved by buying a bigger size.

It may also imply that the breast pads you might be using usually are not allowing your skin to breathe, and therefore are therefore causing irritation. However, probably the most common cause is an issue with the way the baby is latching on.

Some babies are naturals with regards to feeding, but others need gentle guidance to assist them latch on correctly. Your child should open their mouth wide to enable them to get the nipple directly to the rear of the mouth. When they are not accomplishing this, your nipples are experiencing friction throughout the feed, which can cause soreness.

Whenever your baby fails to latch on properly, insert your finger into a corner of their mouth so they release the nipple, then carefully guide them right into a better position.

In a small amount of cases, an infant cannot feed simply because they have tongue-tie. This could hinder latching, and is particularly an issue since your baby will be unable to consume enough milk throughout their feeds. In case that happens, speak with your doctor about the potential of tongue-tie. The problem is simple to identify and straightforward to deal with.

How You Can Relieve The Discomfort

There is absolutely no reason to have to stop breastfeeding while struggling with soreness. So long as you take measures to ease the soreness, and you also are addressing any underlying causes, you need to discover that the issue dissipates within a couple of days.

Expressing a couple of drops of breast milk following a feed and rubbing it in to the skin is a simple and natural method to bring some relief. You need to allow the nipples air dry prior to getting dressed again, because this will minimize the likelihood of irritation. A lot of women also discover that the soreness subsides faster when they use cotton breast pads and bras, since these allow more air to flow.

Sore nipples breastfeeding is an incredibly prevalent problem, but with some simple measures you will be able to alleviate the discomfort without seeking assistance from a healthcare professional. However, you need to call your doctor when the soreness will not improve or if you see any extra symptoms like an unusual discharge.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen