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Bidet Inc. – An Innovative Way To Make The Planet Greener

Is it not unfair to discriminate our body parts while cleaning them? Water is most commonly used for cleaning. So why to use tissue paper instead of water? Why not use water for safe and hygienic cleaning? This problem has got a fantastic solution and that is Bidet Inc. You can get more info about this at Every morning you can feel the awesomeness with this Bidet toilet. Not only you feel good, but you are helping nature. The habit of saving tissue paper per day is a small step for great journey, of saving trees. Many trees are chopped for making these tissue papers. Further, a lot of water I wasted for processing and treatments. By avoiding the use of tissue paper, you are discouraging the business and hence cutting of trees is prevented.

Working of Bidet toilet

This is a non-electric equipment which throws a jet of water to clean you, after the use of the toilet. This toilet is provided with arrangements which give many benefits at a time. This has pressure controller to provide an adequate stream of water. They have also attached the temperature controller with it. For female, it is provided with a unique wash option. The nozzles of such kind of jet system accumulate dirt. This has a self-cleaning nozzle which gives you worry free cleaning and maintenance. This toilet comes with BA 4500 attachment. This is very easy to install.  When you buy this, you are provided with every equipment necessary for installation. An instruction book, describing every details of installation along with a thread tape.


This is a kind of thing that suits every budget and is affordable. There are lots of benefit of using this Bidet Inc. attachments. It has certainly enhanced the standard of living with a better hygiene and comfort level. It is saving a lot of money that has earlier being wasted on tissue paper in every month. Along with the good saving, the environment is also saved.  The story does not end here, by being its customer, you are also becoming a part of great mission “Trees for Future”. Every time a Bidet Inc. toilet equipment is sold, the Trees for the future will be  planting ten trees in developing and rural areas This has been an amazing concept, of cleaning, comforting and planting. Bidet Inc. toilets are helping to lead a high standard of life and simultaneously making the planet green. What can be better than this?

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