Apps for Small Business: Make your Daily Operations Manageable

Apps for Small Business: Make your Daily Operations Manageable

Pandemic has not been kind to anyone, especially to small businesses.

According to a recent survey, more than 45% of small businesses have earned less than half of what they earned in pre-COVID times. Most of the small businesses suffered from the coronavirus because of a lack of preparation for a crisis of this nature.

Most of the small businesses were unable to adjust to the coronavirus world. Hence, a good number of businesses shut down temporarily or permanently.

However, now months into the coronavirus pandemic things have started getting back to sanity for many people. As per a report, 65% of businesses were fully functioning in September. Not only that but 35% of businesses have even started to touch Pre-COVID customer levels.

And now that we are heading towards a new year there should not be any space for slacking. The coronavirus situation had not been stable for the United States and even for many other countries.

Therefore, to consider that businesses can work in their natural habitat would be a misunderstanding. The intelligence is in understanding the current times and to work accordingly. Therefore, if you are planning to open your business at the current time or want to have a fresh start with your old venture then you need to work on a few things.

First thing first, make sure you are prepared for operating your business remotely. For that, you need a lot of things but most importantly you’ll be needing a high-speed internet service. Without high-speed internet service, you can not depend on small business apps to perform their best.

Therefore, make sure you invest in a strong and reliable internet connection, one like Spectrum Internet. Spectrum internet has built its reputation to be one of the most trustworthy, strong, and affordable internet connections.

Not only that but Spectrum offers Spectrum Select Packages that make entertainment affordable. The Spectrum Select packages offer a huge number of channels in the best deals possible.

This makes Spectrum not only a good choice for a strong internet connection but also cable TV service.

Now that we know which connection to go with here are the applications best known for making business operations easier:


Slack is an instant messaging application that keeps its users from getting sucked into an email loop with fellow employees.

Slack allows employees to create multiple public and private channels that have no limit to the number of users. This means that you can add as many users as you want to your Slack channel to make connections with your team super easy.

Not only this but Slack makes it easy for users to share documents, PDFs, and images within the platforms.

You can simply automate indexes, archive everything, and have a record of all your operations.

If this single comfort, we do not know what is.


One thing that can make any small business owner troubled is the payment methods and procedures. In a business, a lot of things go on and in such abruptness, people tend to take the neglect the payment period.

In such items Square comes into play. Square is an all-in-one payment system that makes it easy for small businesses to get paid.

The application is also amazing as it’s super affordable and comes with an easy setup.

Quick books

One of the most popular connecting software is QuickBooks. The company’s cloud-based app is easy to use and has numerous integrations.

Through this application, you can send invoices, prepare taxes, and even pay your employees.

The company offers a number of video tutorials and helps you learn how to navigate the platforms.


Now that you are working remotely, it must be hard for you to streamline and track your employee’s performance.

Well, you should not worry about that as Toggl will help you with all this.

Toggl helps with flexible cloud-based tracking software that can help you sort out the tracking and determine issues.

The app also allows you to create time logs to a spreadsheet and also reports that will give you a sight of your employee’s performance on different projects.

This app will also help you determine what projects were more beneficial for your business and which are not.

Take Your Business to New Heights

The new year calls for new beginnings. If you have faced some crisis during the coronavirus debacle then it’s time to move past that and help your business growing. We have mentioned some apps that are helping small businesses make their way towards success.

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