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The Alabama Crimson Tide got into the 2016 season with a bulls-eye on their back. They have already been marked as favorites to win this year’s title. However, in order for that to happen, it will require ofhard work and commitment both from the coach to the players.

How the Team Looks

Unfortunately, some of the players will not be eligible to play this season. However, the team is still quite solid. One of the areas that may have suffered some setbacks is the defense. This is a minimal issue and there is still a lot of quality to go around.

Some of the Major Stories to Watch

There is expected to be a major battle for the starting quarterback. Coker’s eligibility has already expired. The three most likely stars that will feature this season are Barnett, who has a lot of experience, Jalen Hurts, and David Cornwell.

Hurts just arrived in January and does not have a lot of experience. As a result, he will have to prove himself. Bateman is the most likely choice for the starting spot. However, he should expect some stiff competition for that spot from Barnett, who has shown a lot of promise.

The team has had some losses in the offensive line. However, it has more than enough players to make for this loss. It will be interesting to watch how the 2016 season unfolds. Cam Robinson, who plays left tackle, has already proven himself to be among the best in the country. This important asset will help the team a great deal. The new team that is taking over the offensive line has the bar set quite high. The previous players only let 1.73 sacks on average per game. Tickets for Alabama Crimson Tide Football games will be quite sought-after this season. Let us hope the players make it worth the effort.

The defensive line also needs some revamping. As Shawn has already left the team to join the NFL. The other two major players are no longer eligible for the team. These are Jarran, Darren, and D.J. Pettway. This provides the perfect opportunity for new stars to finally break out and prove themselves.

How Spring Is Going for the Team

So far, the spring preseason games have not been impressive. However, most people know that spring games are not to be taken that seriously. This still does make some interesting points to discuss.

One of the most positive aspects of the team this spring is there are no incidents off the field. This was a major issue last season. At least five of the players were involved in incidents that were major enough to get them arrested.

Other Breaking stories

One of the major stories making headlines right now is that Evna Neal has reopened his recruitment. The kid, who is only fifteen years old, had committed to the Crimson Tide. However, it appears his father has convinced him to look at other options first.


The Alabama Crimson Tide is an awesome team with good prospects for this season. However, other teams are working hard too to make sure they topple it. This is going to be a tough season, especially since other teams will try to be their best during encounters with the Tide.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen