7 Easy Solutions to Avoid Chest Congestion During Winters

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Winters are fast approaching and apart from the merrymaking of Christmas and the jovial mood of the holiday season, winters are also the season of contagious viruses and flus. Personally, it is the season for a blocked nose and a congested chest that makes sleeping and any other activity for that matter a tad bit more uneasy. Here are a few tricks and techniques to avoid chest congestion during the wintry chills.

Affordable Home-Made Remedies

The discomfort of chest congestion can really be bothersome sometimes and can lead to peripheral complications when not attended to immediately. Chest phlegm, chest pain and uneasiness in breathing can be a real cumbersome experience for people like us who are easily affected by extreme cold and chest congestion thus easy to afford home remedies are ideal for quick solution for chest congestion

Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey have Ayurveda, herbal components that help with chest congestion and overall maintenance of immunity and body heat regulation. Adding honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water and consuming it 2-3 times a day prevents congestion as a natural decongestant. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity

Milk Is Indispensable

Mixing milk with honey or turmeric helps as herbal substitute to consuming cough syrup which has a lot of side effects including drowsiness clears chest congestion and inflammation by eradicating bacteria. Consuming such concoction two to three times a day helps with a congested chest and irritation. Writing my paper for me is also indispensable in terms of academic solutions.

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Warm Water

Recommended by medical experts all across the globe, warm water relaxes the throat and chest congestion and helps with easing breathing problems. Gurgling with warm water mixed with a bit of salt helps to ease the throat and pain in the chest.  Hot water facilitates the dissolution of mucus in the breathing canals of our body.

Tea Is A Comfort Food

Drinking hot tea, sometimes with ginger or honey can be a soothing solution to a sore throat or chest congestion. Drinking tea devoid of sugar and sometimes even milk helps to cleanse the body of impurities and acts as a detox agent for a healthier disposition. There is also something for non-tea lovers as chewing raw ginger can help to clear a sore throat of chest congestion.

Take in Steam

Breathing in steam from boiling water mixed with an analgesic, preferably eucalyptus oil helps in clearing g of the chest and nose from congestion. Taking deep breaths of the steam and facilitating diffusion of the same into your system helps getting rid of a congested chest. You may add any other analgesic to the mixture but we would recommend eucalyptus oil for its herbal and anti-bacterial properties.

Black Coffee Might Be an Option

Drinking coffee, especially the espresso which is just sugarless, raw black coffee mixed in boiling water; it can help in dissolving cough and mucus and also lends some energy due as caffeine helps to regulate blood pressure and increaser sensory perception for a more clear-minded experience. However, make sure to not consume more than two cups of black coffee as caffeine, in high amounts, could be detrimental to your health.
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Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen