5 Signs of Blocked Drains You Need to Watch Out For

5 Signs of Blocked Drains You Need to Watch Out For

No homeowner in Croydon wants blocked drains in the home as these are the no. 1 cause of stress. Besides, it’s expensive to repair damaged pipes, drains and all the areas in your plumbing system. Therefore, knowing the first signs of a blocked drain is important.

A blocked drain might not be readily noticeable and often, you’d only notice it by the time it has caused damage to some extent. By then, you’d have no recourse but to call the blocked drain plumber nearest you.

Identifying the signs early on can prevent further destruction. So, how would you know if your drains are blocked? Here are the signs to watch out for.

1. Water Taking Too Long To Drain

A sluggish water flow in your sink and toilet is an obvious sign. Generally, any inexperienced individual won’t know which area in the system is clogged, but you just have to observe. If the blockage in the pipe isn’t removed, water starts to drain slowly and eventually, causes flooding in the affected areas or anywhere in the home.

If you’re experiencing slow water flow in all areas, it’s likely that the sewer drain is congested. If water isn’t draining well in your toilet but that in your sink is, it could be a block in a particular pipe in the toilet drain.

Further, if you’re using a certain water appliance and you see water present in an area where it used to be dry, your external drains might be working poorly. In this case, your manhole should be inspected but don’t do it yourself because it’s risky. Leave it to the hands of a professional blocked drain plumber.

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2. Foul Odours Around The Vicinity

Another prominent sign is unpleasant smells coming from your drain. If the drain is jammed, foul odours are emitted and could fill the environment within your household. It means that the debris and other obstructive materials must have been rotting already and the smell could be evident even before you detect the slow water flow in the toilet and sink.

These rotten smells should not be ignored because aside from posing some health hazards, the damage in the pipe and sink could worsen. You must search where the odours are coming from with the help of a blocked drain plumber.

3. Unusual Sounds

Strange gurgling sounds upon flushing the toilet or seemingly coming from the plug holes indicate trapped air in the drain. When you run the tap, air is released hence the gurgling sound. This clearly manifests an obstruction with your drainage pipes.

4. Water Level Rising

When you see that the water rises as you flush the toilet and almost to the extent of overflowing, there’s obviously a serious issue within the drains. The cost of repair could be high if this situation isn’t remedied immediately.

5. Walls And Floors Always Wet

When there’s moisture on your floors and walls, the dampness won’t go away on its own. Therefore, you also need to find out the source of the problem. You wouldn’t know the severity of the damage it will cause you if you ignore the issue for a long time.

For all these plumbing issues, only a professional blocked drain plumber in Croydon has the answers. Find one by visiting this link.

Steffy Alen

Steffy Alen