Hardwood Flooring How To Select One According To Your Need

Hardwood flooring is made from a core of hardwood, high-density fiber, and plywood. The top layer of the flooring is glued to the upper surface of the core. Such flooring is engineered and designed by professionals which are available in almost any hardwood manufacturing. This product has a natural characteristic. The engineered product is designed to provide great stability and durability for moisture and heat pose problem prior to the floors. Because of extreme heat weather, hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular. Because of its density and flexibility to any kinds of weather either hot or cold season, it is no longer a surprise that many homeowners these days are turning their table.  Wood floors come in two basic types and these are the solid wood flooring and the engineered wood flooring.

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Solid Wood Floors

Such product is fabricated from ¾ thick of solid wood by which the tongue and groove sides are joined together with the boards. Keep in mind that some manufacturers make thinner versions. The main advantage of solid flooring is that it can last for over than 5 decades. Flooring which is made of wood will not last for over than 20 years, but not with solid wood flooring. The solid wood flooring is available in three characteristics and these are the Strip Flooring, Plank Flooring, and Parquet Flooring. The laminate flooring is not made from real woods, but technically, it is considered as a solid wood flooring.

Engineered Wood Floors

This product is constructed almost the same to the basic plywood designed with the top surface of Hardwood Flooring Richmond Hill. The design comes with two up to ten ply constructions which will actually vary depending on the manufacturer. There are lots of manufacturers these days that innovates their designs by increasing the surface called the veneer. This will result in a high-end engineered solid flooring. One of the most important factors when considering this type of floor in your home is the longevity of service.  Engineered floors are the ideal solution for concrete. Because of its dimensional stability, it expands and contract with high humidity. This means that the more piles your flooring has greater stability.

The hardness of the wood flooring is measured by a Janka Test. Using a 444-inch ball of steel is driven into the wood. The measurement will be based on the force needed.

With the evolution of this art in flooring, homemakers become more aware of the importance of flooring and became even more conscious on how to maintain its great shape. Homes nowadays would not be complete without having their floors fixed in the most revolutionary way.

Other than that, wood nowadays has another significance and great contribution into the world of engineering and interior design.

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