7 Easy Solutions to Avoid Chest Congestion During Winters

Avoid Chest

Winters are fast approaching and apart from the merrymaking of Christmas and the jovial mood of the holiday season, winters are also the season of contagious viruses and flus. Personally, it is the season for a blocked nose and a congested chest that makes sleeping and any other activity for that matter a tad bit more uneasy. Here are a few tricks and techniques to avoid chest congestion during the wintry chills.

Affordable Home-Made Remedies

The discomfort of chest congestion can really be bothersome sometimes and can lead to peripheral complications when not attended to immediately. Chest phlegm, chest pain and uneasiness in breathing can be a real cumbersome experience for people like us who are easily affected by extreme cold and chest congestion thus easy to afford home remedies are ideal for quick solution for chest congestion

Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey have Ayurveda, herbal components that help with chest congestion and overall maintenance of immunity and body heat regulation. Adding honey and lemon juice to a glass of warm water and consuming it 2-3 times a day prevents congestion as a natural decongestant. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity

Milk Is Indispensable

Mixing milk with honey or turmeric helps as herbal substitute to consuming cough syrup which has a lot of side effects including drowsiness clears chest congestion and inflammation by eradicating bacteria. Consuming such concoction two to three times a day helps with a congested chest and irritation. Writing my paper for me is also indispensable in terms of academic solutions.

How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion | Health.com

Warm Water

Recommended by medical experts all across the globe, warm water relaxes the throat and chest congestion and helps with easing breathing problems. Gurgling with warm water mixed with a bit of salt helps to ease the throat and pain in the chest.  Hot water facilitates the dissolution of mucus in the breathing canals of our body.

Tea Is A Comfort Food

Drinking hot tea, sometimes with ginger or honey can be a soothing solution to a sore throat or chest congestion. Drinking tea devoid of sugar and sometimes even milk helps to cleanse the body of impurities and acts as a detox agent for a healthier disposition. There is also something for non-tea lovers as chewing raw ginger can help to clear a sore throat of chest congestion.

Take in Steam

Breathing in steam from boiling water mixed with an analgesic, preferably eucalyptus oil helps in clearing g of the chest and nose from congestion. Taking deep breaths of the steam and facilitating diffusion of the same into your system helps getting rid of a congested chest. You may add any other analgesic to the mixture but we would recommend eucalyptus oil for its herbal and anti-bacterial properties.

Black Coffee Might Be an Option

Drinking coffee, especially the espresso which is just sugarless, raw black coffee mixed in boiling water; it can help in dissolving cough and mucus and also lends some energy due as caffeine helps to regulate blood pressure and increaser sensory perception for a more clear-minded experience. However, make sure to not consume more than two cups of black coffee as caffeine, in high amounts, could be detrimental to your health.
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Advantages of Using an Airport Taxi Service

Airport Taxi Service

If you’re planning to travel outside of the country or within the country, you are likely to get cramped due to the many travelling aspects. However, there are various ways of reducing the types of stress. One of the ways involves engaging the services of airport taxi transfer services in Hull whenever you decide to head away for business travels or trip. Below are the main benefits of the services.

About Airport Taxi Services

Airport transfers offer transport services from an airport to your next airport and back. You can always rely on the services to the completion of your trip and fortunately, you can book the transportation services online according to your budget and your requirements. Choose the service from the trustworthy and efficient taxis in Hull.

The Benefits of Using a Hull Taxi Airport Transfer Service

Cost Saving

Assume that you just arrived in Hull but realised that the vehicle you just parked at the airport could not start. What would you do? You might spend the night in the airport. Luckily, Hull taxis are always at hand throughout the day and night. With just a single call, they’ll pick you up and drop you off at your chosen destination.


When in a rush, public transport may not be a good idea because you could miss your appointment. Hull taxis are always at hand to assist you arrive at the airport in time. If your vehicle has broken down, just a single call is enough. A professional driver will collect you from your location and drive you to the airport without delay.

No Parking

Parking within and around Hull can be a nightmare. That goes double when searching for a place to park your car at the airport. After hiring a taxi in Hull, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot. Whilst saving time, you’ll also enjoy lots of other benefits. The most obvious being that you won’t have to pay any parking fees or park very far from the destination so that you will be worn out before you get there. A professional taxi driver will drop you at the door, for your convenience, saving time and reducing the general hassle associated with travel.

Airport Taxi Service

Customized Packages

Public transportation is a rigid way of touring the city of Hull. Fortunately, airport taxi services include customised packages. In other words, you can select a package that matches your needs. For example, if you forget your luggage and leave it in the hotel room, the driver will be only too happy to turn back for you to go collect it. If you need to make multiple stops around the city, this is possible with the flexible transport means.


It takes experience and skill to navigate the streets of Hull and the surrounding areas successfully. It can be tricky for most, even for drivers who are experience. It is more complicated if you are unfamiliar with the area. That is why you should always use a professional driver. They will ensure that you will get you to your destination quickly and being careful to avoid busy traffic and road construction.

Security and Reliability

Public transport can risky, with a higher chance of losing vital things like passports, bags and mobile phones. Such incidences can ruin your trip and that is why you should opt for Airport taxi services in Hull. The type of transport maintains the safety of your luggage in the vehicle and offers you peace of mind during your trip. You will also have the option to choose a vehicle that fits your travelling needs.

What Is the Right Time to Replace a Roof?


Replacing the roof in your home does not have to be a high-cost undertaking. It can be cheaper to do it yourself or with a contractor. Plus, you’ll be in charge of your work and you’re more likely to be happy with the results.

However, if you live in an older home, your roof is likely in pretty bad shape. You might start searching for roofing companies in Marietta in order to jump start this project.

Replacement costs tend to be much higher because of the age and condition of your roof. Your roof might have been under the repair and maintenance of many different people in the past, which means it’s older, and not as reliable.

Take a look at your roofing history: Did it last long? Did it do the job the first time? If it has, then it should be good to go. But, if your roof has seen many, many repairs over the years, then it’s probably time to get it replaced. If so, you might look for roof replacement in Marietta in order to regain control of your property and your life.

There are usually signs to look for. Try walking up on your roof. Are the shingles showing signs of cracking? Do you notice a strong smell of burning plastic? If you notice any of these, the time is probably right to do a roof replacement.

If your roof is over 50 years old, it’s probably time to replace it: when they say “never replace a roof until you need it”, they’re talking about asbestos. Roofing asbestos was banned in 2000 and is very, very dangerous and can be removed when you get a new roof.

5 Major Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof - ARCH Exteriors, LLC

But, roofing asbestos was used for years in all-brick homes and some condos, which means that the remaining asbestos is quite a likely present in your roof and is the reason your roof is in such bad shape.

If you’re concerned about your roof and want to take steps to prevent future damage, it’s best to have the old roof replaced with a new one. Be sure to take a look at some of the professional roofing companies in order to get this project accomplished at the best possible quality.

Many people wait because they don’t want to take on the roofing project themselves. In most cases, that’s a safe choice, because there’s no risk of water damage, but it’s always a good idea to get a new roof when you notice that your roof is leaking.

Once you’re on your roof, it’s also a good idea to examine the areas where water can seep in. Make sure that if you notice it there, it’s leaking and not a result of rotting shingles. Some people have found out the hard way that rotting shingles are a real problem and can be a serious source of water damage.

You’re on the right track to replace your roof. It can be very expensive, but you can do it on your own if you do it right. Remember to get a new roof if you are over 50, if it’s leaking, and if it looks bad.

Costly water damage problems can be easily avoided by installing a new roof. By using the tips in this article, you can get your roof replaced quickly and cheaply by professional roofing companies in Marietta.

Reliable And Preferable Dropshippers Across UK

Dropshippers Across

Selling products online is a good choice to make. Today most of the people look for their favourite products on the internet. In this way, you gain a huge number of audience. Different websites over the internet have been created for the purpose of selling products.

The first step of selling your products online is finding a good website where you can display your products. Next you need to find the right dropshippers who can deliver your products to the customers safely and in time. This matters a lot in your online selling business. Finding the right dropshippers can get a bit hard. Below is a list of the finest and most trustworthy companies that offer dropshipping.


  • The company that makes it to the top of the uk dropshippers list is goten. They have been providing quality services for a long time now. They have warehouses across the globe and help in selling and delivering your products. They offer free and fast shipping. They have a strong IT support making it easier to work with them. Their 24/7 customer service makes sure that they gain all the positive reviews.

2.The Wholesaler UK

  • This is one of the most preferred companies for pre-screened suppliers and resellers. They offer a great variety of products and sellers to choose from. You can easily gain the best deals from suppliers by simple comparison. It allows you to order defective things, fix and then sell them on the same platform.

3.Wholesale From

Dropshippers Across

  • No doubt that walmart dropshipping is one of the most used dropshipping companies. But they have a huge traffic of sellers and in case you wish to compete then selling wholesale products is the best choice you can make. Wholesale from is the website for the newbies in the market. It has easy guidelines for its users so that they can easily grow their dropshipping business.

Other Websites

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other websites as well that offer drop shipping services and suppliers as well. Other than goten, the wholesaler uk and wholesale form you can also look up to Allover print, Gem wholesale, Resources, tb trade and Duplay as well. You can trust these websites as well for drop[shipping and they even supply dropshippers.



How To Select Bluetooth Headset According To Its Waterproof Performance?

Bluetooth Headset

Today more and more people like healthy sports. Running has become the best event. So more and more people will choose to run after work. Music can make boring running relaxed and comfortable, distract runners’ attention and relieve fatigue. Where there is demand, there will be a market. More and more sports headphones emerge as the times require. Today, we recommend HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones with excellent waterproof performance.

Users sweating during sports and encountering rainy days during outdoor sports will be worried about the waterproof performance of the headsets. The HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has IPX5 waterproof performance. Users can exercise without fear of sweat and rain.

In terms of wearing comfort, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones is light. After testing, the weight of a single ear is only 5g. It is easy to wear without any pressure. The three sets of earmuffs can be adjusted according to the size of the ears. The shark fin ear brace can fix the earphone to the ear. Do not have to worry about falling off when running, skipping rope and other strenuous exercises. The magnetic attraction design on the earphone can be easily worn and stored.

HUAWEI HONOR xSport has a variety of color matching, full of energy and vitality. Consumers can choose to buy according to their personal preferences. In addition, this sports Bluetooth headset has high-precision drilling and cutting technology. At the same time, it has high density CD pattern, fine texture and bright light.

Its sound restoration degree is high. HONOR xSport uses micron-sized composite diaphragm. It enables headphones to have better transient response, high analytical force and high reducibility. Reduce sound distortion and make sound rich in texture and distinct in level. In terms of sound quality. Several songs with different styles were selected for testing, the overall effect was very good. The sound quality is emotional, the human voice is natural and pure. Listening to clear and fresh songs is good. It uses an 11 mm moving coil unit to ensure bass can show certain effects. The bass is surging and vigorous, while the degree of separation is moderate.

It supports Bluetooth 4.1 and is compatible with mainstream Bluetooth devices on the market. At the same time, it can realize fast connection with mobile phones. Enjoy communication and music within 10 meters. Don’t be limited by distance.

Bluetooth Headset

In addition, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has high radio frequency sensitivity. It can effectively improve call quality. Headphones have three-key wire control, which is convenient to control calls and music playing. Equipped with USB charging cable, not only can USB be used for direct charging, but also charging treasure can be used at any time. Convenient and fast, the call lasts 11 hours.

The above are all aspects of product performance of HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones. It is better to act than to move. Buy and experience it quickly!

What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

In daily life, both domestic and foreign travels, we always have luggage with us. However, there are in-flight baggage limits. For this, the items we load in the suitcase must have a certain capacity. Otherwise, you have to pay some money due to the weight of your suitcase.

You can follow the date you want to travel a few days in advance and do research to find the most suitable flight ticket to the place you want to travel. Thus, you can come across affordable tickets from different airlines and buy cheap flight tickets. Also, there are two types of luggage on board. One is cabin and hand luggage, called unregistered luggage, and the other is registered baggage and passenger baggage.

Cabin Luggage

For the so-called cabin baggage, there may be a bag and an item that you usually take with you and the normal limit status does not exceed 8 kg for a single person. This limit may be slightly higher for the most suitable flight ticket for business passengers. In this case, the most important issue is that there are liquid-like things. Each of these should not exceed 100 ml.

What is the Limit for Carrying Luggage on the Plane?

These liquids are usually drinks, shaving and make-up products, and non-solid things like syrup. In this regard, only certified medicines and infant formulas are not counted. Materials purchased from the duty-free store should generally be in a transparent package and with its packaging inside. “en uygun uçak bileti

As a result of this restriction, it is not allowed to be carried as cabin baggage, even in a sealed bag exceeding 100 ml, for duty-free products that were previously purchased within your flight through European countries or the USA as a result of finding cheap flight tickets. Apart from these, you can take items such as a coat, topcoat, computer, bag, baby stroller and camera as cabin baggage.

Passenger Baggage

In general, each airline company has its own passenger baggage capacity for cheap flight tickets for international flights. In this case, Turkish Airlines offers a piece of baggage for the most convenient international flight ticket without charging 15 kg for promotional ticket holders, 20 kg for economy passengers and 30 kg for business passengers. However, these baggage allowances are generally valid for remote regions such as America and Africa. “THY uçak bileti

At the same time, as a result of purchasing cheap airline tickets from the cheap airline company, you are offered baggage allowance thanks to the low price of the ticket. However, there is a certain limitation in your cabin baggage for this. When you find the most suitable flight ticket, you can set and evaluate these free baggage limits offered to you without paying too much.

In addition, when you are in a difficult situation and if you have to exceed this limit, either the check-in attendant offers you an opportunity or you have to pay a fee according to the weight for the airline’s pricing application. While too little excess weight is usually not too much of a problem, it can be a little different for excessively loaded baggage and you will have to pay a fee.

Things That Should Not Be Taken In The Passenger Baggage

In addition to getting the most suitable flight ticket determined by the airlines, there are some things you cannot take with you. These are items that contain alarms or bags, lighting products, products such as explosives, flammable materials such as paint and thinner, items such as combustible items such as matches and items such as medical products that are not taken into hand luggage.

When a cheap flight ticket is found to the destination, it must be bought without being missed. Otherwise, prices may increase. For this, you can get service and get information from https://www.rotaradar.com

Significance of Average of Numbers in Real Life

Significance of Average of Numbers in Real Life

In real life, we may come across many scenarios where we cannot predict or declare a quantity’s value directly. In such cases, we can use averages to determine an estimate of value to the quantity. There can be so many values for any given data set or anything. It is challenging to perform numerically or conclude some facts from every value because it will be cumbersome. Hence, the average or arithmetic means will provide us an approximate estimate about the expected values in that set so that the calculations on all the values will be more or less the same. Therefore, it is best effective if the data provided do not have a huge difference.

In colloquial expression, an average is defined as a unique number that can be taken as representative of a data set or a list of numbers. Different thoughts of average are used in different situations and contexts. Usually, the word average refers to the arithmetic mean and is calculated by dividing the sum of the data values or observations by the number of data values or observations. In some cases, we may use the geometric mean when the data values are given in terms of the product of numbers.

In census, if we have to find the mean lifetime of a person, then we need to calculate the total age of a selected population and divide by the number of people. The resulting value will be a representative of the population’s average lifetime. In this case, the selected population should include all the categories of people who are living in cities and villages. Similarly, we can find the average height, weight or age of students in a class. These are every common scenario that we may observe in our daily existence. Without average, we cannot predict how much age should be considered for the students of a specific class while analyzing the data regarding literacy.


When dealing with income and other financial transactions, we have to use the concept of average to make some conclusions. For example, we live in a region where we can observe two incomes: high incomes and pretty low incomes. Generally, we all purchase houses, but those with lower incomes are not so expensive, and the homes that those with high incomes buy are costly (expensive). We can formulate a bi-modal distribution of the prices of the house in this area. A hump for the lower-priced houses will be the typical price on a graph of house prices and another hump over the particular expensive house price. Here, the average is calculated to understand the mean expense of a family to build a house. Also, mean deviation is taken in some situations to get the absolute value of the average income or other parameters.

Apart from the education, financial and data analysis, average is also used in weather related information to compare the temperature from last year or month to the current year or month. These analytics will help in understanding the climate changes over the period of time.

Ways To Glamorise A Small Bathroom Space

Small Bathroom Space

Working with a smaller bathroom space can often leave people feeling like they are out of options when it comes to décor and style. You may have dreams for a big, fancy bathroom but you don’t have to give up on those dreams just because your bathroom is a smaller square foot to the initial plan you had in mind. There are so many ways in which you can revamp and glamorise your small bathroom space, without even having to spend an arm and a leg. Continue reading for some stylish ways in which you can glamorise your small bathroom space and create a dreamy bathroom space in your home.

Chic Hardware

One of the easiest yet most effective ways to enhance your existing bathroom appliances and create a whole new look in your bathroom is to add some chic hardware. From the bathroom cupboard and vanity to the bathroom door, by upgrading your hardware you can create a chic, glamorous feel that will enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. It’s amazing how much a simple handle change can make to a cabinet, but once you’ve made the swap, you’ll feel like you have a whole new piece of furniture. You can find some beautiful cabinet hardware online, with a range in prices to suit your design budgets too. Be mindful of materials and wearability with the pieces you choose, as you’ll find that certain handles and pulls will work better in a bathroom environment.

Introduce Plants

By bringing plants into the bathroom you are not only improving the overall look and feel of the space but adding some health benefits too. Plants help to improve the air within a room, reduce stress and create an overall fresh, motivating atmosphere which is ideal within a bathroom space. You want your bathroom to enhance your mood in the morning and there’s no better way than to include some beautiful plants to achieve this. Do some research on the benefits of different houseplants to work out which ones will be best for your bathroom and then take a trip to your local garden centre to stock up on some of your new bathroom additions.

8f6515945ede4a200112fbe44d2f988b-1.jpg (480×640)

Add Artwork

Having artwork in each room of the home really helps to highlight your personal style and taste, giving character to your home and finishing off the décor perfectly. Artwork is a great way of bringing life to a room and even in the bathroom, you’ll notice the additions will lift the atmosphere and create a warm, homely feel. When it comes to the bathroom, you could look at introducing some of your favourite subtle art pieces, that will help to draw the space together and make the most of the wall space available. This is especially beneficial in a smaller bathroom space, as you’re able to utilise the wall space properly and still capture the glamorous feel you are aiming for.

Decorative Touches

When you’re working with a smaller space, it’s often hard to know which decorative touches are going to work and which are going to overcrowd the space. The best thing to do is trial certain things in the bathroom and see which you feel works best, this way you know what to spend your money on when the time comes. One way to introduce some colour to the space, without having to make much of a change is to introduce a bathmat that doubles up as a stylish bathroom rug. When you have less floorspace, it’s better to have pieces that are multi-purpose, that way you’re limiting the amount of space you actually need to use. There are some gorgeous bathmats available which will help to eliminate excess water when showering, as well as keeping your feet warm and protected from the cold flooring first thing in the morning.

An Amazing Adventure In Mesmerizing Malta

Mesmerizing Malta

Everyone in this world love to have beautiful holidays. Most people want adventure in some riveting places. One such place is Malta. Malta is in general an archipelago which is situated in Mediterranean Sea. Sicily and Africa are very near to it. Here is the list of some beautiful things one can do here in this very exciting place on the earth. Give a quick watch on the following things to do in Malta.

Things To Do On Malta

1. Horse Riding Is A Good Start

There is one very nice beach in Malta known as Golden Bay. It gives very nice feeling to have a look at such scenery. Horse riding is very adventurous in holidays.

2. Going To Old Capital Of Mdina

Mdina is the place for histories. It is the ancient capital of Malta. It is situated on the hill which is in the centre of the island. Nice domes and historical streets are worth watching.

3. Super Views From Upper Barrakka Gardens

If one wants to have the best view in Malta, then it is the perfect place to have so. This place is very close to Valetta. After finishing the scenery one could enjoy the stroll around the garden. Malta is in general an archipelago which is situated in Mediterranean Sea. Sicily and Africa are very near to it.

4. Diving In The Ocean

It is very warm in Malta and there is availability of large number of seas as well as there are some very eccentric activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or diving. HMS Maori is one of the most famous wrecks here. It was destroyed by Germans and it is now deep dead in the sea. Good spot for beginners in general.

5. Glance At fort ST. Elmo

It is a star formation and it provides safety to Valletta’s harbor. It is a very important place in Malta. Nice domes and historical streets are worth watching. Malta has lots and lots of stories of horses of St. John who were fighting in the epic era and period of Turkish Ottoman Empire.

6. Trip To Gozo

Again it is one of the very important islands. The cultural activities as well as coastlines and the beautiful sandy beaches are worth watching.  The trips are most eminent part of the adventurous holidays anywhere. Gozo is very beautiful island in Malta. One must go here in order to have a great experience.

7. Dancing Is Fun

One more riveting activity which one can do is dancing.  The whole night can be driven away with lots of fun. Isle of MTV is the best place to have a trip. Various super hit personalities such as Lady Gaga and Akon are revolving around here in order to entertain and provide eccentric music feelings.

8. The Ggantija Temples

Some beautiful cultural and epic structures such as Pyramids of Egypt are there. Here the temples were earlier used as the places to have sacrifices.  And it is also was a place of offerings in the ancient time.

9. Museums – A general Interest

Majority of people whether belong to any of the age group always have a riveting interest in museums due to its antiqueness. National Museum of Archeology in Malta is one such place to visit. One should definitely revolve around such places on holidays.

Rent A Car And See The Island On Your Own

Pinpointing into the actual data Malta is just 316 km square. Henceforth reaching from one place to other is not that tough. It is very beneficiary in free time to have pleasure in leisure. One has no restrictions here in response to the peace enjoying. Hiring a car in Malta means enrichment of happy hours.  There are not prohibitions on operations of transport in public general at large. Renting car in Malta will also give you a basic idea for your tour if you are new there, read more here: https://www.autoprio.com/en-car-rental-malta/. It will be at reasonable costs and one could have mesmerizing moments with friends, families and others.


In nutshell we can say that Malta is one of the most amazing country in Europe and it is basically known for its cultural and historical sites and heritages which are really very admirable. Must visit place.

Fad Diet Side Effects

Fad Diet

You found out about a new diet which promises a Hollywood star body and you want to try it? Are you sure it is good for you? Eating is one of the greatest things in life. We eat because we are stressed, because we like something or when we want to celebrate so this way we end up eating also when we are not hungry. So do we need strict diets? No we don’t because studies say that approximately 6% of people who start a diet manage to lose weight and maintain that way for more time. That’s such a small number and you thought that all those girls you know managed to lose weight with a popular diet. Well they probably have now other health problems.

What should we do? We have to make long lasting little changes like: more exercise, more walking and leaving the car at home, stop eating when we are not hungry, etc. Strict diets never help because you don’t make all the healthy changes at once, you either eat a few calories, make too much exercise, or both but these things are unproductive on long term because you can develop heart diseases or other dangerous illnesses. Also when you lose weight you will get back to your old habits and eat a lot of bad things so your body will be overwhelmed by the amount of calories and make large fat deposits; not only you will gain weight but you will gain more weight than you lost. Now we will discuss about all the disadvantages that some popular diets have.

Reducing Calories Intake

This diet is based on reducing calories intake and having a balanced meal composed of 40%- 50% carbohydrates, 15%- 20% proteins and 30% fats. The disadvantages are:

  • you have to know how much calories all the food that you eat has and keep track of how many calories you eat so this might be very hard for a busy person;
  • Reducing your caloric intake with more than 500 calories can create lots of unwanted effects: fatigue, hunger, nausea, headaches. When your body adapts to the new caloric intake these will disappear but you will reach a plateau and stop losing any weight for a lot of time.

Eliminating Carbohydrates

The famous Atkins diet and other which are based on the same principles of eliminating carbohydrates from our meals can be pretty tricky after a while. Studies show that in one year Atkins diet has the same results as a diet which is based on reducing calories. The side effects you can expect from Atkins diet are:

  • Constipation- by reducing carbohydrates you also reduce fibers which assure a good colon function;
  • Bad breath can be very disturbing when your fat intake excels your protein intake;
  • Excess proteins can also damage your kidneys and the body’s function to eliminate toxic chemicals;
  • A lot of animal fat in our meals can lead to high cholesterol and high triglycerides in the blood;

Eliminating Fats

This diet is praised by many people but if you eliminate all the fat from your meals you will develop serious health issues. If your body lacks fat your blood will have problems coagulating, you will get bruises from almost anything and your skin will get dry. You need a minimum amount of fat per day to assure that your body will function well.

Diets Based On Liquids

Liquid food has a low amount of calories, between 500 to 800 calories a day, so you will think that you will lose pounds fast if you follow such a diet. Unfortunately is not that easy: a diet this type cannot be followed without strict medical supervision. These diets are the worst because they lack antioxidants and fibers and you will soon start feeling very tired and very hungry. Another thing is that if your food habits were bad before following this diet you will probably gain weight afterwards because it will not change they way you eat.

Cabbage Soup

Whenever I think about this diet I remember eating that depressing soup with that awful taste. You have to be a true masochist if you decide to eat that for seven days. There are different variants of the cabbage soup diet: in one of them you are allowed to eat fruits or vegetables. After a few days the only thing you can do is to just stay in bed and sleep; it takes all your energy and when you stop it, guess what happens: you pounds will come as fast as they disappeared.

Diets Based On Fruits

People always say good things about fruits: they are healthy, full of vitamins, sweet and tasty. Be careful! Most diets based on fruits don’t have any fats or proteins and you cannot live without fats and proteins because your hair will fall, your nails will get weak and you will look pale and get depressed easily. So diets which include fruits are healthy but as long as you don’t eat only fruits. Yes, they contain lots of vitamins but to assure a proper body function you will need other nutrients.

The 3-3-3/1-1-1 Diet

Fad Diet

The 3-3-3 diet is not as bad as the 1-1-1 but they both do almost the same damage to your body as the diets above. “What is the 3-3-3 diet?” you ask. 3-3-3 means eating the same nutrient for 3 days. Example: 3 days you eat meat, then for three days you eat fruits and the other three days you eat vegetables or dairy products. You might think “Wow eating as much as I want and losing weight is great” but you are wrong. After the first day you will hate meat or fruits or whatever you chose to eat, then in the next day you will feel extreme tiredness and coldness. When you eat only meat you will probably get constipated and when you eat fruits you will get diarrhea; just think about the effect these changes will have on your colon and stomach. If you don’t die after following this diet for a few months you are a very lucky person but of course when you finish you will start gaining weight fast.

My advice is to follow a diet which is not very extreme but balanced; balance is the key to everything. If your diet will contain healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you will lose weight and feel excellent. If you cut one of those important nutrients your body will stop functioning normally so along with your surplus pound you will get other problems which can make more damage than your weight problems.

You shouldn’t think of following a diet at all, you must make changes to your lifestyle and eat healthy for the rest of your life. Most people think: yeah but now I am big and I eat a lot, when I will lose weight I will eat less. That is completely untrue; it’s all about your metabolism. A lot of people who are slim eat a lot of food and a lot of people who are fat eat less but lose no weight so is not about how much you eat is about how you eat and how much you exercise. Forget about those no good diets and grab a bodybuilding diet cookbook with healthy recipes; you will learn how to cook and eat healthy food without craving for the things you aren’t allowed to eat. By the way, one candy won’t kill you so losing weight begins when you stop after you had one candy or one piece of something “forbidden”.